Aromatherapy oils

Aancient-Eqypt_03Essential oils can be combined with a base carrier oil, such as almond, to further the therapeutic benefits of the massage.


Sleep-inducing, calming and antidepressant. May help: headaches, skin compliants, stretchmarks, high and low blood pressure, muscular pains, rheumatism and arthritis. An excellent carrier oil because of its beneficial effects.

Black pepper

Warming, stimulating and invigorating. May help: stiff and tired muscles and joints, sluggish circulation, decreased mobility. May irritate some skins.


Sedative, antidepressant and sleep-inducing. May help: high blooo pressure, general aches and pains, dry skin and eczema. Approved as sale for use with children because cf its mildness, it is also good for using on the elderly.


Sedative, circulation-boosting and warming. May help: sore and tired muscles, joint pains, headaches and arthritis. Marjoram should not be used in combination with children sage, as the mixture could be potentially intoxicating.

Orange and Grapefruit

Uplifting, stimulating and antidepressant. May help: depression, sluggishness and lack of motivation.


Antidepressant, mood-boosting and balancing. May help: depression, anxiety and winter blues. Bergamot is phototoxic, so exposure to the sun and sunbeds should be avoided for 12 hours afterwards.


Calming, antidepressant and a general body tonic. May help: insomnia and dry skin conditions.


Mentally stimulating and boosts self-awareness. May help: meditation, concentration and self-reflection.


Confidence-boosting, anti-inflammatory, sedative and boosts the immune system. May help: low self-esteem, sciatic pain and dry skin.

Tea tree

Antiviral, antiseptic, fungicidal and boosts the immune system. May help: promote healing, reduce swelling and fight off infection.


aromacolorsImmune-boosting and a decongestant. May help: sinus problems, coughs and colds, and chest infections. Eucalyptus can produce erythema in some people.


Memory boosting and mentally stimulating. May help: stimulate memory and brain activity, prepare your brain for exams, presentations, speeches, etc.


For stress: lavender, bergamot and camomile.

For aching muscles: lavender, black pepper and marjoram.

For an energy boost: lavender, rosemary and grapefruit or orange.

For depression: lavender, eucalyptus and peppermint.


Essential oils should be avoided in pregnancy – especially in the first 12 week

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