A massage meditation

massage meditationMeditation, in a nutshell, is the act of focusing your entire attention on just one thing, thus stopping the constant chatter inside your head and experiencing a state of timelessness, contentment, and wholeness. People achieve this state in many ways — through sports, or silence, or prayer, for example — and massage is yet another activity that you can use to effectively shut out the rest of the world and tune into your own inner peace. The next time you receive a massage, try this meditation…

  1.  Close your eyes and begin to get in touch with your breath

Before you receive the first touch of the massage, spend several minutes trying to clear your mind of any other thoughts. Concentrate only on your breathing.

  1.  When your massage therapist first makes contact, imagine yourself breathing in through that very spot

For example, if she starts by massaging your neck, imagine a stream of fresh oxygen and energy entering through your neck, exactly where her fingers are.

  1.  On the exhalation, imagine your muscles in that same area becoming softer, warmer, and looser.
  2.  Continue with this awareness — breathing relaxation into each successive point that the massage therapist is touching.

Eventually, you become aware that the massage therapist is tuning in to your breath as well, and the massage becomes a shared meditation.

  1.  Communicate with your massage therapist, both verbally and non-verbally. Together, you can create a special massage mood that will help you focus on your experience, making the massage more like a meditation.
  2.  Keep bringing your mind back to the massage.

You may realize, at various points during the massage, that your mind has wandered off on some train of thought. This is completely natural and happens even to advanced meditation practitioners. Simply bring your mind gently back to the breath and the relaxation. Don’t worry about how “good” you are at meditation.

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